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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you accept insurance?

Neurogistics is a nutritional program and not a healthcare program, so it is not covered by health insurance.

Is Neurogistics available outside of the United States?

Customs and restrictions vary from country to country.  We recommend contacting Neurogistics, prior to ordering, to determine what we are and are not able to ship to you.

How much do the at-home test kits cost?

The most common Neurogistics panels costs between $29-$299. We believe a healthy and vibrant life should be accessible to everyone and have worked diligently with our partnering labs to secure the lowest prices.

Why do you test saliva, blood, stool and urine?

With each test Neurogistics offers, we have worked to determine the best testing modality for each parameter tested. In some cases, such as cortisol and testosterone, saliva provides the most efficient reporting method. While stool is necessary when assessing gut health. Urine provides the most accurate information regarding neurotransmitter excretion. Blood is necessary when testing HbA1c and vitamin D.

Will my test results be comparable to those taken at a lab?

Lab results will be comparable. However, when testing bodily fluids (blood, urine) there will be variations. Reference ranges vary from laboratory and modality based on rigorous quality control standards within each lab. Of course, testing with any method whether it is done at a lab (venipuncture) or at home (with finger stick or dry urine collection) will be comparable. Even if you took your blood by venipuncture multiple times in a row, it would not be exact. Many times, we are looking at ratios to determine your nutritional needs.

Are there medications that will interfere with my test?

In short - yes. Each test kit has collection instructions that are unique to that kit. It's important to read collection instructions on your kit front to back before testing. We actually recommend that you take the time to read these instructions the day before you test. There are many things you'll want to take into consideration prior to collecting your sample.

Is it ok to test while I'm pregnant?

Testing while pregnant is perfectly okay.  It is important that the Neurogistics team be made aware of any conditions, including pregnancy.  Always check with your physician before starting anything new. 

Can I take the supplements while I'm pregnant?

Always check with your physician before starting anything new, but we provide all-natural products that in the majority of cases can be taken while pregnant or nursing. That said, always refer to physician in regards to taking supplements while nursing or pregnant. It is equally important that the Wellnicity team also be made aware of any conditions, including pregnancy. 

Sometimes my supplements vary in color from one order to the next.  Why is that?

Some color variation from lot to lot is both normal and to be expected. That said, we always triple test our supplements and supplement blends with a third-party to ensure that our ingredients are always consistent for efficacy and purity - no exceptions.

How can I be sure your supplements are working?

We provide the best quality supplements with the highest grade ingredients to make sure you are given the best possible solutions for your health and wellness needs. Our supplements meet or exceed strict cGMP, NSF, Kosher certified quality standards in FDA regulated manufacturing facilities. For more information on our supplements please visit our Standards page.

How do you use my data?

Please refer to our privacy statement for more details on how we use your data.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact customer service at 888-257-9068 or email us at